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A Lifestyle of Worship 



Our name was born while reading Rick Warren's famous book - Purpose Driven Life. From this book, the message compressed in this phrase was deeply marked in my heart: "This is the secret to a lifestyle of worship -- doing everything as if you were doing it for Jesus."

God gave me a gift, which is photography. I had not understood what to do with it, until God showed me how simple it was; I simply adore Him with my talent. The purpose of "A LIFESTYLE OF WORSHIP" is to take this activity and transform it into an act of worship and offering to God.

It is our desire to lead a lifestyle that pleases God. This would not be possible without people. There is no greater blessing to share with people and even greater is our blessing when we can contribute positively in their memories. Through our photos, we want to be part of your life experiences: We want to make your special moments, unforgettable moments.